Tartu New Theatre is an open platform for new ideas.


Not every idea comes to life here either – far from it.
But many great plans that are not accepted as real, accepted theatre,
become an integral part of Tartu New Theatre.


Without idea, joy or facination, there's no Tartu New Theatre.
Noone can force anyone to do or watch theatre.


Tartu New Theatre is built on the possibility that theatre can only exist on free will, 
not on tradition, profession or obligation.
Just like there's no forcing the audience, there's no forcing anyone on the stage either.
So Tartu New Theatre might disappear quickly with the disappearance of desire.
But then again, it's the only way for Tartu New Theatre to survive and furthermore,
is alive longer than any institutionally insured entity,
regardless of its cultural, political or personal whirlwinds.


With each new production, Tartu New Theatre aims to explain itself
and, if necessary, reinterpret the "theatre" in its name – 
only then can the "new" in it can be honest.


Tartu New Theatre is an open source program, whose server is located in Tartu.
This is the only thing that is certain, everything else is possible.


Even Tartu New Theatre has already existed, in the 19th century. There has always been someone who wanted to do something different. And there will probably be more, if Tartu happens to remain. 
And there have been many newer theatres in Tartu and there will be more. 
This urge always seems to end in entropy, sinking, deteriorating or swimming down the mainstream.
But what can you do, if the heart wants and the situation allows. 


The struggle must continue, 
even if the meaning of struggle has changed in the meantime.